2013-09-19 - God or Science


Faith is not linked to a religion. Everyone can have faith, don't need to be christian, jewish or muslim... Provide to keep integrity.

For me if you have Strong faith without being religious, you are free. Not in a religious dogmatism. It allow you do get the posivitiy of believe in god without the counstraint and the slave feelings. Church are just here to control people, not open brain...

Science and faith are not antagonist... Believe in Mother Nature, human kind, and build the world that god should have dream for us.

Because 5 billions of people believe in god, but they build a Hell in Earth, it's just Hypocrite !!!

If everyone live as Jesus Christ or Buddha do, then the world will be better... They are very Inspirational people, model of vertue...


Fabien FERT

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