2005-07-14 - what are the nature and social costs of environmental degradation in africa?

The african problem is not the same than developped country. But the pollution problems will increase with Africans, Indian, and Asian level of developpment... Because in developped country we know already that what we are doing is bad. and peoples don't want to go back for less pollution.
In African country, they want to become high developped like developped country, and no one can't stop this. But when Africans peoples will be at the same level of developped country, earth will be almost die !!!
because 25 % of peoples on the world (developped country) are making 75 % of pollution. So when 75 other % peoples living in non developped country will polluting like 25 % !!!!
It will make 300 % of pollution as we know now !!!!
All peoples need to be responsible at his pollution, and try to carry earth.
If not, perhaps human lives their least hours... Perhaps it's the best thing that the earth could hope !!!
but certainly, if human don't do something quickly, dead will increase more and more (air, water, earth pollution are so increasing, exponentially to continue and so on, and so on...).
and also GOM (OGM) are one sort of pollution, like nuclear, like motor explosion gaz, like intensive agriculture, like chemical products that aren't absorbed by earth...

This is not a reason to forbidden african developpment. But better help them to developon on more ecological respect than us !!!!!!!!!!!!

Pollution are every where, it's time to hurry up !!!!!!!!

Fabien FERT

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