2005-07-13 - Does Ratial difference are really important ?

Perhaps one day man (and woman of course) will understood that before being spanish, french, german, or christian, jewish, islam, and so on... before all that, he is HUMAN !!!
This would be the first point of our difference, because we are all the same.
Compassion, love with other peoples, currious mind, and respect behaviours could perhaps save us.
But, I think that this is too late to see this world here one day, because human nature has been change by money !!! and when money is not the problem, EGO become the problem.
Man (and women) love too much themselves, to be able to take care of someone else.
Loose you Ego, and you will find freedom, and carrefulness. I think you are open mind, but we are not enought to make this world better. But please continue, telling your feeling about human nature, share, discover other country and cultures, because peoples like you are precious in this earth.....

Fabien FERT

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