2005-07-12 - Marry or not, live together or not ?

Marry, Love, attachment are concepts. It is possible to live with someone without loving him. It is possible to Love someone without be Attached too much... It is possible to Marry someone without love and attachment. (better to have little love of course...).

But Human nature is to live with someone (not the same people for all the life but... to be with someone). This is because most people need someone, and seek him, this ideal man (or woman) that don't exist for all life time. Ideal is time limited, with our personnal evolution... It couldn't be the same at 15 year old, 25 yo, 45 yo and 60 yo... You can't find the Ideal people that will grow as you grow, change as you change, this is almost impossible...

to be able to be alone, is the best way to see if you are able to marry. Because, if you are able to live alone, you will not loose you independencies after marry. To keep yourself free you mustn't be Attached with someone !!! You can love him (her), pure and strong love, but never be attached. Keep yourself free. Don't accept your husband (wife) to drive your life, but better share your life together.

This is my point of view, strong love, freedom, don't need marry. But Marry need strong love, and freedom (to stay long time) (and not too much attachment...)

Have good life !!! take time to find the right solution (marry or not !!! answer is inside every one...)

Fabien FERT

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