What if we dare ?

This is the first essay (in French) made by Fabien FERT in 2002 (augmented since by minors reflexions) detailling environments problems (that give us reasons to quickly acting for us and our environment), and tha propos global solution (not unique one), to avoid many globals problems.


No Money = No Problems !!!


The principle is, that money as it is today, does not reward virtuous behavior and worse it encourages deviant behavior.

After a sociological and ecological chapters where I said "why we no longer have the choice to change ", I described my monetary system but without money.

The base will be the Time. Nothing new you may say,but ... Time is an ideal money.  both universal and virtual. It can be exchange across the world. It is common, and easily transportable. It is also the basis of all current salaries, so we  don't need important changes in the current management system.

After the description of the basic monetary value, we should ask the most important question: "what is the value of things? (to purchase)". Currently the market dictates the value of things.More often than usual, good quality products in cheap prices usually decline! And an expensive product on the other hand, does not mean it's better just because of its price.

But what is the actual value of things ? It's the work of a man. I therefore share the assumption that the earth gives us the raw material that will enhance man on his work. In this context, the profit is useless. Making money should not be an end in itself, and the pursuit of profit should be banned. But  How?

- Prohibiting companies to gain very high profit

- Redant mandatory in the calculation of net price ( the price must be equal to the cost of products)


But in this case, how can man satisfy his greed?

- Granting each bank account hold hours of coefficient corresponding to the value of the person in society: years of education, number of children, age, etc....

- It would be applied to each coefficient entering the salary account


Power of this  system:

- Companies pay everyone the same price: 1 hour for 1 hour of work

- An individual would receive a value depending on what they work for, and not on an arbitrary ... according to their personal coefficient.

- Virtualization would change traditional business models to enable the payment of taxes in a transparent way for the company and for  the individual (one hour paid to the employee by the company would credit the account of the individual one-hour and also state: duplicate hours). Instead, the financial strength of a state is the sum of local production. In this case the state would have a greater financial power.

- Could modify the coefficient to encourage virtuous behavior and punish deviant behavior. the coefficient could be ajusted in live mode.

- Who will wish to earn more would simply adjust their behavior (taking classes, create a company, invest time in local associations etc ...). And achievements in one's life also. No salary reduction at the age of 50 plus ...

- Even an engineer that would do a physical job can earn an engineer's salary (without any other expenses to the employer!)


And many other things described in my book.

 Et si on osait ? Vivre mieux de façon plus équitable

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After wrote this, Fabien FERT create a non profit organisation  (npo/ngo) named ALSOA (http://www.alsoa.org) to start this project in real. By now this project is sleeping because of legal reasons, do we have legaly right to create a bank in time currency in France...



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